Holistic Therapies

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Reflexology 1hr. £75.00

Commencing with hot lime mitts and pressure points, this one hour warm oil foot massage with essential oils will work on all the organs of the body to release blockages and promote healing.

Course of six recommended £375.00

Reiki Healing               1hr.     £85.00

Reiki Universal life Force Energy, A non-invasive light hand touch therapy that transfers the flow of energy.  Clearing any energy blockages and induce a deep state of relaxation.

Crystal Healing 1hr. £85.00

Crystal healing is based on the premise that crystals can in a sense, communicate with the energies flowing around the human body.  On a microscopic level a crystal is a network of repeating geometric patterns made up of compressed ions, atoms and molecule, every crystal has its own unique electromagnetic charge. These charges, or healing vibrations interact with the bodys energy centres to remove blockages and restore a healthy flow through the body and mind.

Crystals emit tiny electrical impulses which are received and recognised via the body’s neurological system.

Each crystal has its own unique signature of energy.


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Shirodhara 1hr. 20 min £110.00

An Ayurvedic body treatment that dates back to over 5,000 years ago. This ancient therapy Commences with a  soothing scalp, neck and foot massage prior to  a stream of warm oil flowing over your forehead and scalp.  It brings a deep sense of calmness and relaxation and induces stillness in the mind.